Luke Gorrie's personal website

My name is Luke Gorrie and I'm a well-meaning software developer. I want to do important things. I'm 35 years old, I was born and raised in Australia, these days I'm a Swedish citizen, and I've happily settled in Switzerland.


My latest project is Snabb. I hope to make a splash in the open-source networking world. Check it out!


Life is a series of adventures, and I've had a few so far.

I've helped to build the internet for nearly 15 years through my work at Bluetail, Synapse, Teclo, and for Nortel and Ericsson. This is a really interesting and rewarding field to work in. I recommend giving it a try if you get the chance.

I've worked with really interesting people and with really interesting software. I've been able to hang out with clever people like Joe Armstrong, the OLPC engineering team, and VPRI. And to work with the really fantastic hacker communities around Erlang, Common Lisp, Smalltalk, and Openfirmware. I hope this has given me an interesting mix of ideas to shake into a unique and delicious cocktail :-).

I've traveled quite a bit, around 50 countries at the last count. There're quite a lot of places where I feel at home these days. I miss my friends in these places!


I've done a lot of random programming over the years. I founded and co-developed SLIME. I fondly remember writing an Emacs clone in Erlang and an Erlang clone in Emacs. The Jungerl hacks were fun. Using Common Lisp to explore how the internet works was too. The OLPC XO 1.5's startup jingle is played by my Intel HDAudio firmware driver. And people seem to enjoy http-twiddle (now on Github). There's been an awful lot more but perhaps it's best forgotten ...


I've been an off-and-on blogger for many years. I'm currently writing at Here're a few older posts with sentimental value to me.


I don't program all the time. I like sports, especially running, cycle touring, and triathlon. I like cooking and I always try to bring back masses of ingredients from my travels. Oh and I love scuba diving.


Feel free to send me email on I'm on Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Couchsurfing. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family.

Thanks Andaleeb Lilley for the photo!